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தமிழ்த்திரு நாடுதன்னைப் பெற்ற எங்கள்
தாயென்று கும்பிடடி பாப்பா
Why destroy a gift?
Rtn. S. Jayaraman



India is now home to the world's largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. What's worse, 75% of these are cases of avoidable blindness, thanks to the country's acute shortage of optometrists and donated eyes for the treatment of corneal blindness. While India needs 40,000 optometrists, it has only 8,000. On the other hand, while India needs 250,000 donated eyes every year, the country's 109 eye banks (five in Delhi) manage to collect a maximum of just 25,000 eyes, 30% of which can't be used.

It is in this context three individuals decided to come together and form a trust- Nayanjyothi.

Why Nayana Jyothi?

It’s of our Firm belief, If the resources of all the Eye Banks are pooled and a focused campaign for eye donation is run in collaboration with the Government, Private and International NGO’s, the targeted collection of 200,000 corneas for the whole country in a year can be achieved.

Objectives of Nayanjyothi

The main objectives of Nayanjyothi are:

1. To create awareness on the importance of eye donation and work closely with the various Eye-banks established in India to collect eyes from dead persons.

2. To establish suitable logistics system for collecting eyes on receipt of telephone call from the relative / friend of the dead person.

3. To develop database of medical professionals who would volunteer their time to retrieve the cornea from dead persons.

4. To create or use the established modular systems for training volunteers, who may work for / with the trust to realize its objectives.

5. To approach MNCs, Corporates, PSUs, Large Undertakings, Firms, HNIs and other philanthropic individuals to donate to the trust for meeting the expenses of administration of the various activities of the trust as well as to help the needy and poor in getting corneal transplantation done.

6. To work with Central / State Government bodies and other NGOs who are working in the area of Eye donation, Eye banking and Cornea transplantation.

Plan of Action

1. Enlist reputed professionals in the area of Community Ophthalmology, Eye-banking and Social organizations as ‘Members of the Advisory Board’ or as ‘Friends of Nayanjyothi’ who would advise the trustees to achieve the objectives in an effective and efficient way.

2. Developing the required communication tools and systems to create awareness about the shortage of cornea in the country.

1. Nayanjyothi in Sanskrit means Light of the eye

2. Article in Times of India of 27th October 2007

3. Create awareness among the members of elite NGOs like Rotary and through NGOs to common people.

4. Develop workshop contents for training Volunteers (including persons for attending telephone calls) for the trust who would work full time / part time towards realizing the objectives of the trust.

5. Establish relationship with major hospitals and nursing homes for facilitating relatives of deceased patients to donate the eyes of the dead.

6. Develop a Website which would enlighten the public about eye donation as well as to maintain record of activities and achievements of the trust.

7. Sensitize MNCs, Corporates, PSUs, Large Undertakings, HNIs and various institutions on the issue of eye donations and motivate them to contribute resources – both monetary and volunteers.

Founding Trustees

This project is the brain-child of S.Jayaraman (55) an engineer by academic training and has been involved with various trusts like Sri Ramana Free Clinic Trust, Sukrupa, International Childrens Peace Council, IPDP, Vishranthi rendering services in the areas of health, literacy, disability management and old age management. During the last 5 years he has been involved actively in supporting NGO projects in the area of Avoidable Blindness (AB).

Ravikumar (59) is also an engineer by academic training and has done his doctorate in Management studies. He is currently a Management Consultant. As a Rotarian he has been closely involved with the AB related projects since 2000. He has managed several AB projects supported by European and USA Rotary clubs and The Rotary Foundation.

Murali (42) is currently the Managing Director of Shriram Properties Ltd. He is involved with many Service organizations as Trustee and has been supporting lot of socially relevant projects.


Start Week 00 Trust formation 05 Formation Board of Advisors 06 Establishing Friends of Nayanajyothi 08 Gathering data & information 10 Website Construction with all the details 13 Communication Systems development 16 Development of Logistics with Eye-banks 20 Development of Training Modules 24 Conducting Workshops to develop volunteers 30 Establishing Visibility for the trust activities 36 Establishing District-wise Contact persons 52

(in Karnataka & Tamilnadu)


To realize the objective, most of the time, efforts and money will have to be spent in creating awareness, motivating relatives of the dead persons for harvesting cornea of the dead, logistics management, developing volunteers and compassionate individuals in every district of at least Karnataka and Tamilnadu, so that the developed systems for enlisting eye donors and harvesting corneas could be established and function smoothly.






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