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Spoken English - Introducing Yourself
தமிழ்த்திரு நாடுதன்னைப் பெற்ற எங்கள்
தாயென்று கும்பிடடி பாப்பா
Spoken English Hindi - S.S. Vasan

An offer of Interest.

The latest hurdle in the empowerment of our Tamil youth is not unemployment, but underemployment.

The ambitious, well educated and intelligent boys and girls are lacking only in the field of effective communication. They slip the promising bright carrier only due to this small lapse.

A good command over English and Hindi languages is preferred as a pre-qualification to enter into any attractive job position nowadays. The more fluent and able to speak your are in these languages with ease, the more the chances of going up in the ladder of opportunities.

The social and political situations prevailed in Tamil-Nadu for over last 30 years made a big gap between learning and teaching Hindi in schools as well as in public.

English on the other hand flourished but in a strange manner.

When students were able to finish their higher education in the English medium and pass the exams with distinction, they felt miserable to converse and understand the spoken English.

The main reason for this familiar pathetic fallout, as we observe, lies in the method of imparting language skills in adult and grown-up minds. The traditional Montessori way of repeating and restricting the learning process are best suited only to children up to ten years of age. This other-wise effective manner of learning will not help the adult mind to learn a new language because of a strange feature found out by recent research.

The function of comparing imbibed in grown up mind should not be ignored in imparting new vocabulary and left out.

Thus going by the grammar book alone and making a learner to write and memorize the language will not yield the desired results.

Our language expert, a natural speaker of many tongue, has evolved a comprehensibly tailored package after considering many important factors and long research in this field.

Based on this We, the Sankswathy Charitable trust have started weekly classes for spoken English and Hindi. This is open to all and offered at very concessional fees.

The timings. Spoken English. Hindi.

Sat. 7 to 8 pm. 6 to7 pm
Sun.9 to10 am 10to11am
Fees. Registration Rs.100. {one time}
Course Fees. Rs.500. {Monthly}
Venue. Shop No 6. Arihant Apts.
R.A. Road. {opp. Dharma prakash mantap
Purasawakkam Chennai 84
Contact for further details.
26432027, 26411815, 9500190599.

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