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How to Draw a Realistic Eye
தமிழ்த்திரு நாடுதன்னைப் பெற்ற எங்கள்
தாயென்று கும்பிடடி பாப்பா
Learn the art of sketching - Gopi

Artist Gopi (he is a software specialist by profession) who learnt to draw sketches by his own efforts shares some techniques known to him with the children who are beginners who have the ambition to draw sketches.

1) You should learn to draw lines, curves and circles in the first step.

2) Start drawing from a sketch or picture as a model

3) The circles, squares and lines alone should be visible when you see the model.

4) Those who are unable to feel the fundamental lines of the model with the naked eye can see the fundamental lines in every square when they divide the model into squares of equal size. They can learn to draw the figure as such.

5) The biggest challenge of the line drawing is the proportion of the same. "Equidistant squares" method will lend a helping hand to qulify in this art.

6) You should qualify in the art of giving shading to the line drawing in black and white in the next stage.

7) The depth of the sketch will increase as the darkness of the black of the shadow increases. The shadow-lighting effects can be brought about in the drawing keeping this in mind.

8) You should practice the art of separating the color blends of the model individually before making an effort to draw multi colored sketches.

9) Our drawing will appear just like the model when we apply the same color which matches that of the model.

10) We can try to draw sketches on objects such as cloth and glass apart from drawing paper.

I have shared the techniques that struk my mind and will share the methods that strike my mind in my experience. The artists who see these points can share the techniques that they observed.

with love,


View the website of Gopi: Here

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